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Kitecamp - Girls weekend at Dagali Fjellpark
23.10. 2018
GIRLS! Keep the dates March 21-24; girls weekend at Dagali with kiting.
08.07. 2018
Would you like to spend a day in nice wild nature by kayaking?
Why to go rafting with Dagali Fjellpark?
28.06. 2018
These are just a few reasons we love whitewater rafting and guarantee that you will to. Stop daydreaming about white water rafting by booking your next adventure with us today!
18.04. 2018

Where is Dagali?

Dagali is a mountain village 850 meters above sea level, at the top of Buskerud County, between Hallingdal and Numedal. Dagali is often called “Activity Village”, and it is not without reason, because the offer is large and varied. The nearest town is Geilo, 24 km away. In the other direction you will find Uvdal. Geilo is situated by the main rail line between Oslo and Bergen, 250 km from Oslo and 260 km from Bergen.

We provide shuttle transport for our guests between Geilo and Dagali. Hardangervidda National Park is the closest national park to Dagali famous for numerous natural landmarks and also vast opportunities for outdoor activities.

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Dagali is great for

Work & school groups

We are the perfect choice for group activity days, team building events and weekend corporate packages due to our expert instructors and scenic location.

Whether you’re seeking team development with exhilarating outdoor activities or simply a great day out to reward your staff, our team building day and weekend packages will inspire and develop all individuals.

Why not book your group on your very own adventure day which include rafting, canyoning, sledging or kayaking. Take a look at the activities section on our website to see all the activities we offer and book your very own group adventure day with Dagali Fjellpark.

Workgroup in Dagali
Workgroup in Dagali
Workgroup in Dagali
Workgroup in Dagali

Outdoor enthusiasts & adventure seekers

Looking for something exciting to do in Norway? Wild water and rapids, steep cliffs, deep canyons, wild nature or snowy hills and endless ski tours sound like magic to you?

In Dagali and in the surrounding areas you explore a world of nature based activities, excitement and a whole lot of pure fun. Leave the daily grind behind and feel your heartbeat – come to Dagali Fjellpark.

Adventures in Dagali
Adventures in Dagali
Adventures in Dagali
Adventures in Dagali

Active families

We provide outdoor activity holidays for kids and adults. Dagali Fjellpark offers fun and challenging activities in a safe and friendly environment.

Being active as a family can benefit everyone. It is no great secret that physical activity can have far reaching benefits, but being active as a family can have more perks than simply helping improve your health. Spending time together and being active as a family can also have emotional benefits too, especially for kids.

Families in Dagali
Families in Dagali
Families in Dagali
Families in Dagali